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Documented inspection
Particle analysis
Sample preparation
Microscopic detail
Small and large
Failure Analysis

Samples are studied for all possible causes of failure.  Their metallurgical composition and industrial grading are compared to their application.  It can often be determined if a part was used incorrectly, if there was a design or assembly flaw or if an outside force or object led to its failure.  We help solve the problem and often suggest corrective measures.

Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion is very costly and can lead to the unexpected failure of a part.  Ideal Metallurgical can determine a metal's suseptibility to corrosion.  We can often identify the chemicals that may have provoked corrosion.  Foriegn objects or impurities in metals often accelerate corrosion, resulting in unexpected failure.  These are some of the things that we look for when conductiong a corrosion analysis.


Standards Conformity

Does a material conform to industry sandards?  Is it too close to its limits of acceptibility?  Is it suitable for its intended application?  Our reports allow you to accurately compare materials to your engineering standards.


Transformation Over Time  -  Microstructure & Hardness

Metals can be transformed during use by heating and cooling cycles.  We can report on changes in composition, hardness and redistribtion of elements within a metal that may have occured.  This is expecially important for parts such as drill bits, engine components, high temperature ducts and other industrial equipment.  Chemical manufacturing plants and refineries are two areas where our expertise is often needed.    

Second Opinions & Consultation

If a manufacturer or a designer is concerned about an application for a material, we will suggest laboratory tests to reduce the risk of failure.  Successful tests and simulations greatly increase your chances of success.

Our reports can also indicate if replacement materials, or materials produced overseas, are similar to the original materials.

Verification of your own test results can be useful, especially if you're getting ambiguous results or can't isolate a problem.  Ideal Metallurgical can team up with you to consult and verify your processes.  While we do not offer a quality control service, we often help companies to refine and improve their own regular testing procedures.

                           The Analysis process starts at the scene of the root event.
                                 Ideal Metallurgical Services can visit on-site
                           for inspections, record taking and sample removal.

                          SOME OF THE TESTS THAT WE CAN PERFORM ARE:

                    Metallography                           Inclusion Counts & Metal Cleanliness

                    Microscopy                               Particle Analysis
                    Fractography                            Contamination Tests
                    Scanning Electron Microscopy      X-Ray Radiography

                    Fatigue Striation Count               Penetrant Inspection

                    Intergranular Corrosion                Weld Procedure Analysis

                    Macrotech, Flow Lines & Grain      Hardness Tests (Rockwell, Vickers & Micro)

                    Image Analysis & Modelling          Tensile Tests

                    Archival Services                       On Site Sampling & Assesment

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